Thanksgiving and Tree Farming

The Thanksgiving snacks
Thanksgiving Feast
The Feast Bar
Thanksgiving Aftermath
coping with the Thanksgiving aftermath
coping with the Thanksgiving aftermath
Dee brings husband Al a drink!
And now the pies!!!
sideways momma. Must remeber to take shots without twisting camera.
Pop cant keep off the computer. Is he addicted?
Our old dog Buddy is now in a box. :-(
Still have Sheba!
and "Super Scoot" the frisky kitty
frisky kitty sideways shot.
sideways shot with flash.
Me no flash.
Me with flash.
Time to remove a fallen tree.
sideways chainsaw repair
The joy of taking product to market.
when you bundle them, you can fit more on the truck.
12 trees a packing...
The simple life of a Man and his Tractor.
Trees look better with more light.
The fallen tree is nearly gone!
My brother, Pete, moves to Boston. These pictures are proof that his room was clean to start with!