Memorial Day at the Farm

I went home last weekend (Memorial Day) to Rome, New York to spend some quality time with my parents. My father thought it would be fun to go and play at his Christmas Tree Farm. Seems the tractors need to be taken out for the season. This involves oiling and greasing them up. So I snapped some shots of my dad.

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That tractor is the Kubota. My Dad is getting the deck greased.
My dad seems to be questioning the need to capture this on film. Note how the grease gun is all messy.
It takes some messing about to get the grease gun working.
My fathers Truck, and the old cars behind it are just used as storage containers (these days.)
Finally the grease gun is working. He is greasing the mowing deck. It gets mounted to the tractor when it is greased.
He is a handy Dad.
Naturally the sun runs away when I snap this shot.
The old farm house. I believe it dates to the 1700s
The man loves his work.
Driving back to Boston early Tuesday morning there was an accident. They already had a electric sign up that was warning people about it.
You can see a tractor trailer had overturned into the median.
Nasty. That huge mess of metal is the truck part of the trailer.
I am betting the driver didn't walk away from that pile of truck. Wood was everywhere.

Makes you happy just to be alive.