iPad apps that I recommend

I keep asking my friends what apps they've installed. I often get good suggestions. A few have asked me what I use, so I made this list to share. Enjoy! June 9, 2010.

I'm interested in any/all feedback. Thanks! bob@jadn.com

AppCostMy Comments
$4.99I first saw this in the apple store on a demo ipad. It's a very simple game of where you use your finger to draw a flight path to connect a plane to an airport. It looks simple and takes good advantage of "drawing with your finger." I like it for it's simplicity and how it showcases the touch screen.
$0.99 I've amassed a small collection of technical PDFs (oreilly, manning, opensource) Reading them on iPad has been a delight, in part because of this great little reader.
Free Pandora helps deliver great music in an otherwise noisy office.
$2.99 I find this to be amazing. It's a complete pinball simulator in 3d. The "camera" location shifts during play, which can take some getting used to. The overall music and beautiful visuals make me speechless. I like having this just as a knock your socks off demo.
$9.99 Plants vs Zomies is another one I first saw at the store. It's addictive colorful fun... My boys (4 and 5) love the game. Its a tower defense style game with beautiful graphics and enough variation to keep the experience fun. Totally worth the $10.
Free I've always loved picking up a complimentary copy of USA Today when staying at a hotel. They have just about the right mix of interesting stories and always feature good graphs. The iPad version doesn't disappoint. I like how they use up the whole display when reading an article but also make navigating by section and story easy. Worth tripple the cost :-)