Moon Light Canoe Trip

I recently took a moon light canoe trip with Boston Center for Adult Education. I snapped these shots at the beginning of the trip. It was fun. From 7 to 10pm. The canoe's have little lights on the ends of them. The class mentioned some of the history of canoeing on the Charles. It used to be a big thing to do in the 1930s. When autos scarce, people would canoe as a recreational activity.

The boat house is in Newton. Near the intersection of the Mass. Turnpike and 95/128.
Most of the group is new to canoeing, so the steering concept takes some work.
Thats my buddy Jorgma. I had some canoeing experience in my youth, so I can do the J stroke fairly well. If only Jorgma would quit trying to steer!
very peaceful and beatiful. But after an hour or so, I had gotten the idea.
lily pads
The other are slow. Jorgma and I were team quick!
They gave us snacks when we were about 2/3 through. Food tastes so much better when you are hungry and trying something new.