Shots of the Baby Room and office

Here are some shots of the Baby's room...
Little Eric had a birthday part and Crystal brought me home a hat. Zuzu looks good in it order print
order print
The baby's stuff, still in boxes order print
We got a set;
  • Crib
  • 5 draw Dresser
  • a dresser with a changing table
  • hutch for dresser
  • Quilt stand
order print
Baby's bed order print
The pretty valence. We might change this based on the baby's gender. Pea thinks it would be inappropriate for a little boy. order print
order print
snarl for the camera guy order print
Pea's office isn't quite complete. order print
I put the wainscoating up. I still need to finish putting up the trim (well, we need to go and select the trim type.) order print
The aforementioned 5 draw dresser order print
The dresser with changing pad.

The hutch is on it's side. I will need to bolt it on later.

order print
order print
The crib. Some assembly required. Alas, a job for another day. order print

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