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California Road Trip-February, 2018 - 01 February 2018

Pictures from our recent trip to the west coast

New Zeland - 08 September 2017

Pictures from Crystal and Jill's trip to New Zeland

Christmas 2015 - 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!!!

Bean's Birthday - 02 August 2015

Bean's 11th birthday, August 2, 2015

Liam Graduates 4th Grade - 15 June 2015

School photos from when Liam Graduates 4th Grade

Howe Caverns - 15 June 2015

We hit Howe Caverns on our trip to Rome... It was pretty cool.

Pop and Bonnie got married! - 23 May 2015

Just a few shots that we took from when Pop and Bonnie got married in Lowville, NY on May 23, 2015. It was a fun, 3 day extravaganza!

CA Trip - 27 April 2015

Our 2015 trip to California

NYC trip - 01 February 2015

Pics from the NYC trip

snowmegeddan - 09 January 2015

Lots of snow and a dog

Christmas 2014 - 25 December 2014

Christmas 2014

December - 01 December 2014

Good times from December of 2014

Cape Vacation - 12 November 2014

Each October the boys have a 4 day weekend, and this year we picked Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard to visit.

119 photos

Boys Rock Climb - 14 August 2013

The boys go Rock Climbing

Hawaii Trip - 23 November 2012

Our trip to Hawaii

Week 0 - First day of school - 23 September 2012

Back to the grind for the Herrmann's brothers. Max is entering 1st grade and Liam 2nd grade. They look spiffy with new shirts and combed hair!

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Week 1 - The Final Day - 22 September 2012

We decided to make a visit to Max's Country Farm and Golf on the last day of summer vacation. We went on the bumper boats, played mini golf and went to Parlee Farms for donuts and apples. We'll miss the lazy days of summer and all of our fun activities!

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Week 1 - Battleship Cove, August 26 - 21 September 2012

We took a day trip to Battleship Cove in Fall River for our last weekend day trip of the summer. We spent several hours exploring. After we headed to Patriot Place to do some Letterboxing and visit the Bass Pro Shop. Unfortuntley Liam got attacked by 4 bees. It cut our visit short. We will go back soon as BPS was pretty cool!

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Week 2 - Southwick Zoo - 20 September 2012

We had a long list of summer activites to get to and I think we did a pretty good job. Along with day trips, the boys had swim team (every morning 8am) and track (M/W afternoons.)

Southwick Zoo is one of our favorites that we do every year. Mimi joined us and we stopped at Wegman's after for her to check out.

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Week 2 - The Butterfly Place - 19 September 2012

We are fortuntate to live 10 minutes from a great butterfly musuem. We go often and the boys know to wear brightly colored shirts to try to encourage the butterflies to land on them.

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Week 3- Mystic Aquarium - 02 September 2012

We took a day trip to the aquarium in Mystic on August 9 with the Impinks. We love it there. Afterwards, we went letterboxing. Somehow we managed to complete a 22 box series. A record for both families!

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Week 3 - DeCordova - 01 September 2012

The boys and I took a trip to the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA.

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Week 4 - Liam's Birthday Celebration - 28 August 2012

Liam celebrated this year with both a family party and a 1/2 sleepover with his friends. I think he had a fun time!

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Week 4 - NH visit with the Yokens - 27 August 2012

While in NH for Liam's birthday, we met up with the Yoken's for a day at Whale's Tail. It was a fun day.

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Week 4- August 2 - 26 August 2012

Liam chose to go to Storyland to celebrate his 8th birthday on August 2. We stayed at a local hotel and made it a vacation. Happy Birthday Bean! XOXO

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Week 4 - New Hampshire Birthday Trip/Polar Caves, August 1 - 25 August 2012

We took a few days in Early August to head to the White Mountains to celebrate Liam's 8th birthday. We stopped at the Polar Caves in Rumley, NH. Mama visited here when she was a child. We had a lot of fun. Highly recommended.

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Week 5 - 2nd Swim Meet, July 28 - 24 August 2012

Groton hosted this swim meet. The boys both improved their times.

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Week 5 - Eric Carle Museum - 23 August 2012

The boys visit the Eric Carle Museum

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Farm Kids - 22 August 2012

Farm Kids See Photos

Week 6 - Boston Harbor, George's Island - 12 August 2012

Thursday, July 19, we met our friends the Forbes and visited George's Island in Boston Harbor. Half the fun is the ferry ride! The boys have done this trip before and loved it so we hope the Forbes like it as much as we do.

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Week 6 - 1st Red Sox Game - 11 August 2012

The boys had their first Red Sox game on July 17 against the Chicago White Sox. We took the bus with the Billerica Rec department. Funny thing is Mama's first game was also with the Billerica Rec Dept about 23 years ago. It was a fun night.

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Week 7- Nashua River Watershed Camp Week - 04 August 2012

The boys attended a really terrific camp for the second summer in a row. They cannot wait to go again next year!

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Just because he's a silly 7 year old! - 03 August 2012

A picture of Liam being silly.

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Pool, Summer 2012 - 02 August 2012

We joined the Groton Pool again this summer. Max has become a full fledged swimmer now. They are having fun learning new skills on the swim team. Here are some fun action shots.

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Week 8 - Rome Part 2 - 22 July 2012

While in Rome, we go camping up at the old farm property.

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Week 8 - Trip to Rome NY- Part 1 - 21 July 2012

The trip to Rome, NY - to camp and to race....

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Week 8 - Fun in Boston - 20 July 2012

On July 5, we hit Boston with the Impinks. We started at the MOS and ended at Castle Island.

Week 8 - July 4th - 19 July 2012

We kept July 4th low key and headed for our first Kimball's Ice Cream. Yum!

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Week 8 - Lowell Spinners Game - 18 July 2012

Our library has passes to the Spinners for $3! We took advantage on July 1. It was hot and the seats were pretty far back but we had fun. And best part we could leave whenever we wanted with NO Guilt.

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Holding your head up while sleeping... - 17 July 2012

Holding your head up while sleeping... See Photos

Week 9 - Plymouth Day Trip - 16 July 2012

On week 9 of our summer vacation, we took a trip to Plimouth Plantation on Saturday, June 30. It was hot but not humid. Turned out to be a great day.

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Week 9 - Springsbrook Park - 15 July 2012

We have spent several days at Springsbrook each summer since Max was born. Our first visit this year was with the Yoken's. June 28 was a fun day!

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Week 10 - 1st beach day of the season - 14 July 2012

June 22 was our first beach day.

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Week 10 - Canobie Lake Park - 13 July 2012

The boys got to chose the first adventure of the summer. Wed, June 20, we hit Canobie Lake Park. Max is a huge fan of the big rides and can now ride all of them. Finally 48 inches. Liam isn't into the roller coasters but he did ride the turkish twist 7 times. Best quote of the day, "Mom, I rode it 6 times and didn't even puke!" We stopped him after the 7th figuring 100 degree heat and massive spinning just don't mix.

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Father's Day - 12 July 2012

Father's Day kicked off our 10 weeks of summer vacation. We started with breakfast with Mimi and Papa and Corey at Cafe Madrid. We then headed to the MIT Museum in Cambridge to check out the cool robots. Then we headed into Harvard Square for some fun and froyo.

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End of School Year Fun! - 11 July 2012

June was a busy month around here. See Photos

Last Day of School - 10 July 2012

Mama made breakfast in bed for the last day of school-June 18.

Liam's Trashies display - 01 January 2012

My son Liam asked me to share a picture of his Trashies display The funny part was Liam and Max discussing how posting this would make them famous. Max asked him why he wanted to be famous. He said he didn't really know why. He got the idea for posting it when we were googling trashie images for his Trashies display, and he saw some images of setups by other children.

Max's 5th birthday, April Fools day snowstorm, lacrosse, Cousin visit, and Legoland - 04 December 2011

Max's 5th birthday, April Fools day snowstorm, lacrosse, Cousin visit, and Legoland Photos...

A nice warm day on Jennies Way - 15 October 2011

A nice warm day on Jennies Way...

Run, Forrest, Run - 12 October 2011

The boys run a race

Dinner with the Bielawas and cute boys - 05 October 2011

Dinner with the Bielawas and cute boys...

Memorial Day and Annual Storyland/Santa's Village Trip - 30 July 2011

2010 Memorial Day and Annual Storyland/Santa's Village Trip

Snow, Halloween, a trip to the beach.... - 16 November 2010

Snow, Halloween, a trip to the beach....

First Day of Kindergarten - 08 September 2010

Liam started Kindergarten on Wednesday, September 8, 2010. He goes to The Abundant Life in Wilmington. He has Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Sherwood. He looked very handsome on his first day.

Bean's 6th Birthday - 03 August 2010

Bean's 6th Birthday

Liam's 6th birthday party August, 2010! - 2 August 2010

Photos of Liam's birthday party, Mamas birthday and a play date with the Impinks in August, 2010.

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Farm Campout 24 July 2010 - 24 July 2010

My father put up a picture page of our "recent" trip camping out at the farm (4 months back) We all had fun...

Early Summer 2010 - 29 June 2010

Early Summer 2010. (Yes, last year)

Trip to Southwick Zoo - 13 June 2010

Trip to Southwick Zoo...

June 2010 - 02 June 2010

Beach and friends in 2010

Final Garden - Jennies Way- May 30, 2010 - 30 May 2010

Years of hard work was spent on the Jennies Way garden. Here it is in the last Spring we were there

Spring Soccer-2010 Max played U4 Soccer. - 16 May 2010

Spring Soccer-2010, Max played U4 Soccer....

May 2010 - Welcome Maeve - 07 May 2010

May 2010 - Welcome Maeve...

Day 6 - 27 Feb 2010

St. Thomas Day 6 photos...

Max's 4th Birthday - 24 February 2010

Max turns four-February 24, 2010

Leaving St. Thomas - 18 February 2010

Leaving St. Thomas :-(

St Thomas Days 4 and 5 - 17 February 2010

More pictures from St Thomas Days 4 and 5...

St Thomas- Continued, Feb 10 - 16 February 2010

More photos, St Thomas- Continued, Feb 10

St Thomas, Day 2 - 15 February 2010

Our great vacation in St Thomas, Day 2...

Boys Drawing on the TV - 09 February 2010

The boys drawing on the TV

photos Feb 2010 - 03 February 2010

Why is Christmas only 1 day? More Xmas- 2009...

Random photos - 15 January 2010

Random photos from 2009... Digital cameras are great, but boy it's easy to amass a huge picture pile!!

Dec09/Jan10 - 02 January 2010

Liam and Max try their hand at Skiing in 2010

Christmas Holiday Season, 2009 - 25 December 2009

A blast from the I just found the pictures past, Christmas Holiday Season, 2009...

Lots of Random Photos from Fall-Dec, 2009 - 04 December 2009

Lots of Random Photos from Fall-Dec, 2009... behind every picture a story....

Max's sleep study - 03 December 2009

Max went in for the sleep study. They put lots of electrodes on him and checked how well he sleeps. He appeared to sleep like a rock. I took some photos of wired boy Max...

Saturday Trip to Monkey Joes - 02 December 2009

Last Saturday I took the boys to Monkey Joes! They had a blast. Took some photos with my Android/G1

Turkey Day and Early December, 2009 - 01 December 2009

Turkey Day and Early December, 2009

Farm Party - 28 November 2009

We joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group this summer and the season ended with a party.

June 2007 - June 2009 : How did this happen? - 27 November 2009

Comparing some photos of the cherubs over a two year span

Space Shuttle Atlantis- November 16, 2009 - 16 November 2009

We took a short trip to FL to see Space Shuttle Atlantis lift off onto Space. It was fantastic. Max stayed home and we missed him, but it was a once in a lifetime experience for Liam, Mom and Dad.

Superhero action - 08 November 2009

The boys were invited to a Halloween Photography Party. They were a big hit with their Super-hero moves.

Early Fall 2009 - 25 September 2009

Early Fall 2009 Lots of fun fall photos.

A fun day at Drumlin Farms - 20 September 2009

Photos from A fun day at Drumlin Farms

September beach time... - 11 September 2009

September beach time......

September is School time - 4 September 2009

Back to pre-school... time to hit the books... err... toys...

Summer 2009 - 24 August 2009

photos from Summer 2009...

Salisbury Beach - 14 August 2009

We took a beach trip with our friends the Siano's on August 14.

August 2009 - 10 August 2009

Summer slowly rolls along....

Wells Beach - Maine - 09 August 2009

While Daddy worked, the boys, Mama and Mimi went to Wells Beach for a few days in Early August.

Liam turns 5 - 2 August 2009

Liam turns 5... Lots of pictures from The Bean's big day.

Early Summer Photos - 22 July 2009

Early Summer Photos... Lots of fun trips in the Early Summer Time

Santa's Village and Storyland- July 2009 - 20 July 2009

Photos from our trip to Santa's Village and Storyland - July 2009

Deck and Flowers - 01 June 2009

Here are some pictures of the Boys (of course), and some Flowers growing around the house, and the old deck being taken down.

Liam Green Meadows Graduation, May 2009! - 25 May 2009

Liam's Graduation Shots

Spring 2009 Photos - 27 April 2009

A bunch of spring pictures... going to clown town festival... Liam graduates from pre-school... First day at beach... Halibut State Park...

Spring Vacation, 2009 - 26 April 2009

We went to South Carolina this year for our Spring Vacation. Here are the photos.

Liam @ The Butterfly Place - 08 April 2009

Here is a picture of Liam visiting the Butterfly Place in April of 2009. Sadly a wind storm recently wrecked the Butterfly place.

Winter on Jennie's Way - 11 March 2009

Winter on Jennie's Way

Play date at the Park - 01 February 2009

We bundled up for a trip to the park with our friend Cosmo.

January 2009- Action Figure Craft Day - 13 January 2009

January 2009- Action Figure Craft Day

7 Minutes of Christmas - Corey, Jill, Bill and Fran came over to visit on Christmas day - 09 January 2009

I shot a 7 minute movie using our camera on Christmas day. Corey, Jill, Bill and Fran came over to visit on Christmas day. The boys open gifts from grandma, grandpa, Cory and Jill on Christmas.

January 2009 Happy New Year! - 01 January 2009

January 2009 Happy New Year!

Christmas 2008 - 25 December 2008

Pictures from Christmas 2008...

December fun with Mimi and Papa - 20 December 2008

December fun with Mimi and Papa

December fun - 10 December 2008

December fun

Santa Parade - 09 December 2008

On Nov. 30 we went to a Santa Parade in Andover. Some of our friends walked, but we choose to sit it out and watch.

Fun in the Fall - 08 December 2008

Photos of Fun in the Fall

Apple Picking, Soccer, Birthday - 27 November 2008

Photos from 3 Apple Picking trips, Soccer, and the Birthday of a neighbor...

Fall Fun with our Friends! - 26 November 2008

Photos featuring Fall Fun with our Friends!

Friends, Beach and Back to School - 25 November 2008

Photos of Friends, Beach and Back to School

Visiting Santa - 23 November 2008

The last photo that I scanned is yesterday's visit with Santa.

The Bean's photo - 22 November 2008

The second image that I scanned is a photo of the bean being the bean.

Grandma and Max from last year - 21 November 2008

I fired up the scanner and scanned in three photos. The first photo is of Grandma and Max from last year

Chocolate and Christmas PJs - 19 November 2008

We went to a chocolate factory tour in Manchester, NH. And Max tries out new PJs.

Halloween 2008 and other November photos - 18 November 2008

Halloween 2008 and other November photos - Another year another Superhero set.

Eric And Bean on Hay Ride - 14 October 2008

Daddy went with the bean on a field trip. The trip went apple picking. Here's a photo of Bean and Eric riding on the hay wagon.

Fun Late Summer - 24 September 2008

Fun Late Summer Photos...

2008 Yankee Doodle Weekend - 22 September 2008

Mom, Mimi, Mac and bean hit the 2008 Yankee Doodle Weekend. A town festivity with food and music.

Amusement Parks are Fun - 07 September 2008

We visited several amusement parks this summer. The boys love rides, the faster the better!

A Visit to Bryant - 20 August 2008

In August we took a trip to the Roger Williams Zoo in RI and stopped in at Crystal's alma mata, Bryant University (used to be College.) It's changed a lot since the last time I was there. Beautiful still.

Roger Williams Park- August 2008 - 20 August 2008

We took a day trip to RI and visited the Roger Williams Zoo and park.

Liam's Fourth Birthday - 17 August 2008

Wow, what a fun party. Liam is know known as SpiderBoy, and his obsession, Spiderman, visited his party. We had a great time with all of our friends. Thanks for making his day a great one!

Summer 2008 - 07 August 2008

Photos of Summer 2008

June 2008 - Summer in Full Swing! - 24 July 2008

Summer is in full swing. In between visits to Papa in the hospital, we've had lots of fun adventures.

Misc Early Summer 2008 - 20 July 2008

Some photos from Parent Viewing Day at Gymnastics in June. and playing in the yard with neighbors.

More misc. Spring 2008 photos - 06 June 2008

More misc. Spring 2008 photos...

Spring 2008 - 05 June 2008

Here are a sampling of fun Spring activities.

Photos taken in May - 27 May 2008

It's all about Playing around... Monkey time...

Easter and early Spring 2008 - 23 May 2008

Easter and early Spring 2008

Cherubs - 22 May 2008

Shots of the Cherubs and Katie and Allie

A visit from fellow Romans - 21 May 2008

Photos from Andrea, Scotty, Allie and Katie's visit to Tewksbury

These photos were shot by Scotty. He is a professional photographer.

Florida Vacation! - 14 April 2008

In early April we went on a family vacation to the Florida Keys. It was especially fantastic becasue of the great weather and the boys sleeping fine. We were happy.

Max's 2nd Birthday - 24 February 2008

Happy Birthday to Max. We celebrated on Sunday the 24th with a Monkey's themed party at Little Monkey's Gym. Thank you to everyone who showed Mackie the love on his special day! What a blast. Liam is already deciding what his party theme will be.

Happy Birthday Max - 24 February 2008

More Birthday photos of Max's party. These photos are from Mimi's (Crystal's Mom) Camera

February 2008 - 20 February 2008

February 2008 Misc photos of Winter. Can't wait for Spring!

Misc pictures from the winter- Feb 2008 - 20 February 2008

Misc pictures from the winter

Winter 2008 - 18 February 2008

Snow, snow, snow. All it does is snow this year. We photographed evidence

Happy Valentines Day - 14 February 2008

The boys would like to wish you a Happy Valentines Day

Sunday Fun - 24 January 2008

During the week, Crystal gets to spend nearly every waking moment with the boys. I thought that on the weekends I would give her a little time to read the Sunday paper by taking the Cherub's to a play place. So far we have only gone twice. Here are some photos from our first time out on December 9, 2007

Visit to the Aquarium for a late Winter party - 19 January 2008

Visit to the Aquarium for a late Winter party

Christmas 2007 - 25 December 2007

We had a great Christmas season. Here are some 2007 Christmas photos!

Sam Ralphy - 25 December 2007

For Christmas, Corey got a puppy. We call him Sam Ralphy... He's so cute.

December 2007 - 19 December 2007

Here are some more December photos.

pre-christmas - 14 December 2007

Chilling with Saint Nick

December fun! - 13 December 2007

December fun!

Declan visited for lunch - 13 December 2007

Declan came for lunch after a fun concert at the library on the 13th of December.

FALL, 2007 - 06 December 2007

Here are lots of fall photos.

Superheros - 5 November 2007

For some kids, Halloween ends the wearing of costumes... not for my cherub's! The boys playing Superheroes.

Happy Halloween 2007 - 31 October 2007

Halloween Shots of Eric, Ty, Liam and Max

- 31 October 2007

Halloween pictures... Bean and Mackie with Ty and Eric... Sweet

Halloween Pictures - 31 October 2007

Halloween pics of the boys with their play group

DaddysNewCamera - 22 October 2007

A few shots of the boys (on two different evenings) with my new Canon SD870 camera.

Misc Pictures - 17 October 2007

A bunch of miscellaneous pictures. Some taken by Liam!

late summer and the new swing set - 15 September 2007

More Photos! Here are some photos of late summer and the new swing set!

bean-pre-school - 12 September 2007

Liam started preschool on Sept. 4. We had a meet and greet with his teacher the first morning.

Max 18 month update - 11 September 2007

Max had his 18 month doctors appointment this week and did great, per usual. His wheat issue is gone but he has some sensitivity to Corn. Easy enough to avoid though. Otherwise all foods are fine for him to enjoy. He weighs 25.3 LB (50%) and is 33 inches (70%.) He just had a little growth spurt and will be wearing 18 month pants this fall. Overall he is doing very well and his vocabulary is above average. He has a lot of words and the Doctor was very impressed by his ability to count to 2. Go Max!

Coco Key - 05 September 2007

Bob was home on Tuesday and we took the boys to the new indoor water park, Coco Key. They had a great time. The Bean was a little nervous, but he ended up going down a water slide, his first. Mackie of course followed. They also loved their first dip in a Hot Tub! Photos of boys at Coco Key

Summer Fun - 02 September 2007

Summer Fun with Bean and Mackie

Liam's 3 Year Update - 18 August 2007

Liam had his 3 year old doctors appointment last week. He did great! He weighs 37 LBS (90%) and is 39 inches (85%.) He is right on track developmentally. He did everything that the doctor asked him to, including drawing a circle, jumping on 1 foot and carrying on a conversation well. When asked what his favorite food was, he answered Grapes. Boy was I happy about that. I was dreading him saying gum drops or fruit snacks or some other junk food that I sometimes give him.

He starts Preschool on Sept. 5. He doesn't really understand what that means, but he does know that he gets a Scooby Doo backpack so he is excited about that at least. He and Max are taking Gymnastics again this year and swim lessons. More 3 year photos will be posted soon.

Early Summer Photos - 17 August 2007

Early Summer photos

Liam's 3rd Birthday - 16 August 2007

We had a Luau to celebrate Liam's 3rd birthday on Sunday, Aug. 5. What a fun time! He and Max had a blast and the weather was perfect. What a fun birthday for The Bean.

Storyland 2007- August - 01 August 2007

Our second trip to Storyland. We had a fun time. This time we stayed a little farther away in a condo so next year we'll find a place closer to town. The boys loved Storyland again. Max got to ride almost all of the rides. He has to wait until next year to ride the rollercoaster though.

Fran's photos Summer 2007 - 31 July 2007

A selection of photos from Fran (mimi's) camera taken during the 2007 Summer

davis - 15 July 2007

We took the boys to Davis Farm, they had a blast!

late summer - 14 July 2007

We accidentally ended up at Smolak Farms during a festival.

Schools' Out - 12 July 2007

The bean's school is out. He was only going 1 day a week for 1/2 a day, but he sure had loads of fun. He enjoyed school and would always come home with crafts and songs.

Pimping Pea's Ride - 11 July 2007

Sweet Pea and the boys are getting an automotive upgrade in the form of a used 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring She and the boys will be extra styling now.... We should take delivery within the next few days... Sweet.

So much for "friends don't let friends drive mini-vans." :-)

CapeCod - 09 July 2007

We did some traveling around in June, we took some June Photos.

spinners - 08 July 2007

Bob and the boys went to a Spinners Game with Fran and Bill this summer. Here are the photos.

Canobie - 07 July 2007

Our adventure to Canobie Lake Park and summer fun

PlayGroup's 3rd Birthday Party - 06 July 2007

PlayGroup's 3rd Birthday Party!!

Playground photos - 04 July 2007

We got an early start on Sunday morning and headed to a playground in Billerica for a few hours. Here are some playground photos

New England Six Flags - 29 June 2007

Three weekends back, we made a trip to Six Flags in Springfield to meet Andrea, Scott and the girls. Liam and Max had a great time visiting with their cousins.

Max 15 Month Update - 12 June 2007

Max had his 15 Month check up on June 5. He is growing well, up to 23.5 lbs and 32 inches. He finally made it to the 50th percentile for his weight and is up to 80th for his height. The doctor says he is doing great! AND he outgrew his wheat intolerance, so he has been eating everything and loving it! He started walking about a month ago and is starting to run like mad. Of course he is also aggravating Liam but what are little brothers for. We are going to update a whole lot of photos soon so keep a look out and see how much they are growing.

stpetes - 11 June 2007

Here is a sampling of photos taken in May and of our extra long weekend trip to FL, sans the boys.

Mackie get's his first hair cut - 22 May 2007

Mackie got his first haircut today Crystal took a photo using her cell phone... Apparently he was good until they sprayed him with water at the end... he didn't like that.

Photos of Max and Liam taken by a Photographer - 15 May 2007

We had a photographer come to our house in Early May to take some photos of the kids. Max is 14 months and Liam is 2.9. Be warned- There are a lot of pictures here.

easter - 07 May 2007

We took some shots of Easter day...

Spring! - 06 May 2007

Here are some recent photos of our Spring activities. Andrea and Scotty come to visit.

Da Boys - 19 April 2007

I made this photo of the boys one day just for fun!

Mackie - 04 April 2007

I love this picture of Mackie. He's both serious and sweet at the same time! (Click on the link or picture too see the full 3Mb version.)

Easter Egg Hunt - 02 April 2007

We took our 2nd annual trip to Parlee's Farm in Chelmsford for an Easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful sunny morning and we all had fun.

A trip to friendy's on March 29, 2007 - 29 March 2007

Some phtos from a trip to friendy's on March 29, 2007

Ralphy goes outside - 19 March 2007

I took some photos of when Ralphy (aka bean) goes outside to briefly tryout the cold winter....

Andrea and Scott's Wedding Weekend - 16 March 2007

Bob, Crystal and Max went to Rome, NY for the Wedding of Scotty G and Andrea. Max also turned one on Feb. 24. Congratulations all around.

Max 1 Year Update - 14 March 2007

Max had his 1 year doctors appointment on March 6. He did well. He is 30.25 inches and 21.05 pounds. He is 67% for his height and a peanut at 25% for his weight. He is completely healthy and right on track. His mood has improved a lot lately as his teeth seem to be hurting him less. There is a molar or 2 back there now and a few on the bottom still pushing through.

As for his wheat intolerance/allergy, we have to wait another 4 months to retry wheat and see how he handles it. They ended up taking some blood but any testing they do now isn't going to be 100% accurate. So I'll discuss the next step with the Pedi at his 15 month appointment. For now he eats everything and anything he can get his hands on and is starting to drink milk from a cup. He is cruising the furniture and chairs too so I'm sure walking is soon in our future. We'll post some new photos soon.

construction - 04 March 2007

We had the wall removed between our kitchen and "fireplace room"... cool.

Max's Playgroup Birthday party - 03 March 2007

Max turned 1 and we celebrated with our friends at Playgroup. He was cranky and overstimulated from the weekend though so we only have a few shots.

Mackie is really almost one - 22 February 2007

Mackie is really almost one! We celebrate birthday's, Max's 1st year and Corey's 32nd year, with the Camerons

chocolate eating skills - 21 February 2007

Max practices his chocolate eating skills by enjoying a brownie cupcake a few days before his birthday.

Winter 2007 - 20 February 2007

Some photos of our winter. Can't wait for Spring!

recent - 06 February 2007

The Boys are growing so fast. Max had his 9 month appointment at 10 months and weighed just under 20 lbs. His 1st birthday is just a few weeks away. Liam just turned 2.5 yrs. Can you belive it? Here are some shots from Winter 2007.

Photobook - 12 January 2007

For Christmas this year, I made Crystal a photobook from the pages on the this web site. She loved it. I printed the book, Liam and Max Herrmann 2006, at

I used a program I wrote to generate the pdf. If you want to know more about how I did it, shoot me an email.

Christmas 2006 - 05 January 2007

We had a fun Christmas season.

Early Winter 2006 - 02 January 2007

shots of the boys from Early Winter (November 2006.)

Polar Express - 11 December 2006

All aboard the Trip to ride the Polar Express! We took a trip to the North Pole via North Conway. Here are some photos from Early December.

mimi-bday - 28 November 2006

Mimi's Birthday and Misc. November pics

Thanksgiving Day - 23 November 2006

Here are some shots from Thanksgiving day

canon-xti - 17 November 2006

We are evaluating a new camera. The Canon XTI. Does it take better photos than the Kodak we have ben using? I need to do a side by side comparison...

Halloween Day! - 02 November 2006

Finally some shots from Halloween day

Halloween is a whole season - 01 November 2006

Pictures right before Halloween and from the Wiggles concert

More Halloween Fun - 26 October 2006

Another day, and more Halloween festivities

Halloween Fun - 24 October 2006

TMC Halloween Party-Oct. 25

October Picture - 23 October 2006

Lots of updated photos of Liam and Max

Late Summer - 22 October 2006

Here are some fun pics from late Summer, 2006. Liam just turned 2 and Max is 6.5 months.

Visting and Krochmal Farm - 08 October 2006

We spent the day visiting with Tony and Dylan and enjoying the festival at Krochmal Farm.

Welcome Declan - 7 October 2006

Tom and Lara welcome their new baby... Welcome little Declan!!

Sanibel - 25 September 2006

Photos from our first family vacation to Sanibel September 15-22.

Photos from Scotty - 24 September 2006

Photos of Max and his cousins, taken by Scotty (future brother in-law)

Vacation in NH - 23 August 2006

We spent a few days in New Hampshire this past week, August 14. We stayed near Storyland and had lots of fun. Here are some photos.

Liam's 2 year doctor visit - 22 August 2006

Liam went for his 2 year doctor's visit on August 3rd. He weighs 30.12 pounds and is 37.75 inches. He is 99% for height and 80 % for his weight. He is in perfect health and was a very good boy during his check up. He didn't have any shots due and we chose to skip the blood work. He doesn't go back until he turns 3!

Toying with - 14 August 2006

Here is a small video of the Bean. When he was about 1 year old, I was giving him raspberry's and he responds. Ignore the sound of the cloths dryer in the background.

Southwick-Zoo - 07 August 2006

Monkeys at the Southwick Zoo

summer so far - 06 August 2006

We have had lots of fun this summer. Here are summer shots of the boys.

Grammy's camera - 05 August 2006

Here are some shots taken off of Grammy's, or Mimi's, camera.

Liam turns 2!!! - 03 August 2006

Photos from Liam's 2nd Birthday Party

Bean's Birthday - 02 August 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday Bean!!!!!

Liam's 2nd Birthday - 30 July 2006

Liam's 2nd Birthday is this Wednesday!

Kids update for July - 07 July 2006

Max is now over 4 months- 20 weeks to be exact. We went to see his pediatrician last week. He weighs 16.85, currently in the 95% of weight. he is 25.5 inches, and 68% of height. He is doing very well, but still has this allergy issue. We go back to the GI on July 11. He had a slight fever on Saturday from the immunizations, but it went away quickly. We'll post updated photos soon of all the fun things we have done this summer.

Talk to you later.

More Baptism Pics - 06 July 2006

More Baptism Pics

Baptism extras - 02 July 2006

Additional baptism photos from Liam's Aunt Tammy and Great Aunt Edie. Thanks!

Max's Baptism Day - 30 June 2006

Max was baptized on June 25. We took photos of the ceremony and brunch.

AJ's Birthday - 29 June 2006

AJ turned 2 and had his party at Perpetual Motion. John Siano took these pics.

Latest update on Max - 22 June 2006

Max Update: Crystal says, we saw a GI at Children's last week. Max definitely has an allergy so we will work on figuring it out. I have gone on more of an elimination diet - now dairy, soy and wheat free. We have Max's 4 month appointment next week and then back to the GI for a follow up on July 11. He weighs 15.10 lbs as of last week and is still sleeping like a champ. He is being baptized this weekend. We will add new photos next week. He also started to try and roll over this past week. I expect any time now he'll get there!

recent photos - 21 June 2006

Some recent photos of the kids. Max has his baptism this weekend.

13weeks - 29 May 2006

Photos of Max from weeks 11-13 and Liam

- 26 May 2006

Max Update: Max is now 3 months and weighs 14.9 lbs. We had a follow up appointment with Dr. Chan this week and Max still shows signs of some sort of allergy. So we had blood taken to test to see if he is anemic or has any bleeding problems. Happily he is fine on both counts. The next step in figuring out what is making him so uncomfortable is taking him to see a Pediatric GI doctor on June 13. Dr. Chan recommended that we take him to Children's Hospital so that is what we are doing. He also recommended that I keep on my dairy/soy free diet for the time being, at least until we see the specialist. Overall Max is healthy and happy and sleeping consistently through the night.

More Liam and Max photos - 14 May 2006

More Liam and Max photos

- 09 May 2006

I had to post a shot of max the sleeper! Max finally slept for 8 hours!!!! Monday night, May 8 - 10 weeks. Woo Hoo! I emptied my camera of other accumulated photos as well

Max Update - 03 May 2006

Max had his 2 month appointment on Friday, April 29. He now weighs 13.5 lbs and is 23.5 inches long. He was diagnosed with an allergy so I am now on a diary and soy free diet. He was also diagnosed with Reflux and started Zantac to try to alleviate his pain. We are hoping he feels better soon. Max is a very happy boy when he doesn't have his digestive issues. He smiles and coos and even started to squeal. The poor kid has had a rough few weeks!

Eric's B-day - 02 May 2006

Eric Lane turned 4 in March. Here are some shots from his family party.

new\ table - 23 April 2006

Liam recently got a new kid size table. He loves it. We tried eating at it, but food ended up on the wall and all over the floor, more so than usual. So now we use it for crafts.

good\ friday\ smile - 22 April 2006

Max smiles! Max gave us his first smile on Good Friday. He is 7 weeks old. What a cutey!

andrea - 21 April 2006

Here are some photos of Andrea's visit to meet Little Max.

parlee\ farms - 20 April 2006

Photos of our visit to the Circus and Parlee Farms

max-8weeks - 19 April 2006

We had a nice Easter this year. Photos of Easter Day

music2gether - 18 April 2006

Crystal says, "Liam and I, and now Max, take a music class called Music Together. He loves it. Here are some photos of the last Winter class."

- 02 April 2006

Max is now a month old. We had his doctors appointment on Friday the 24th and he weighed in at 9.6 pounds. He added 2 pounds to his weight in a month. He is completely healthy! We had a challenging 3rd week, but things seem to be getting better every day. He is sleeping well enough at night, at least one 4 hour stretch, so Mom is feeling better as well. Liam has been great with Max. We are thankful that he enjoys his brother thus far!

max-3weeks - 19 March 2006

Photos of Max's 2nd and 3rd week of life and St. Patty's day.

The Herrmann Boys Photos - 18 March 2006

We had a photographer come in to take some shots of Liam and Max. Liam was not the best model for these this time around. We'll wait a few months before trying it again. They are cute anyways.

- 17 March 2006

Some shots of Max visiting with his cousins

- 10 March 2006

Update... Max is now 2 weeks old. As of Tuesday, he weighed 7.7 lbs and was 20.5 inches long. He has gained 9 ounces since leaving the hospital, and the doctor is very glad for that. He is getting more alert every day. He is even decent at night, usually going right back to sleep after nursing. We have been sleeping with him, but may try to move him into his bassinet soon as he is very noisy. Bob is going back to work on Monday so I'm a little nervous how the 3 of us will do, but we have a few activities planned so hopefully it'll be better than expected.

- 09 March 2006

photos taken to the Max! Max's first week of life.

- 08 March 2006

Liam meets Max, and Liam at the Discovery Museum in Acton.

- 07 March 2006

Some photos of Max from Auntie Edie's camera

- 26 February 2006

Max arrives!!!! Max Arrived on Friday, February 24, 2006 at 11:13PM. He is a peanut, weighing in at at 7.58 lbs and 21 inches. My water broke at 4:45 and contractions came on quickly. We arrived at the hospital at 8pm and he was born at 11:13pm. Thank god for epidurals! Here are some photos.

- 16 February 2006

Here is a random photo sampling of Bean activity from the past few months.

- 15 February 2006

People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They have a deep sense of loyalty, are honest, and inspire other people¡¦s confidence because they know how to keep secrets. But Dog People are somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn, and eccentric. They care little for wealth, yet somehow always seem to have money. They can be cold emotionally and sometimes distant at parties. They can find fault with many things and are noted for their sharp tongues. Dog people make good leaders. They are compatible with those born in the Years of the Horse, Tiger, and Rabbit.

- 16 January 2006

My sister sent along some photos of her daughter Katie as an angel!

Baby Shower - 04 January 2006

(This set of pictures is from about 2 months ago) Last week my friends surprised me with a baby shower for Peanut! Liam and I were being lazy that day and actually planned on skipping playgroup, so they brought the party to us, complete with food, cake and gifts. Thanks Girls, I really appreciate it. Sorry to be a big PITA. Here are some photos of the afternoon.

- 31 December 2005

Some Winter and Christmas 2005 Photos

- 30 December 2005

We had a photographer come to our house in November and take some shots of Liam. He is just too active to go to a studio right now. We think she did a great job. We'll have her come back in a few months after Peanut is born to take some more of Liam and his new sibling

- 26 December 2005

Bean photos from Grammy's camera shot in early 2005.

Baby Peanut at 29 weeks - 16 December 2005

[Christmas day addition: Its a boy!!!! ]

We decided to treat ourselves to a Christmas Suprise and have a 4D Ultrasound done of Baby Peanut. Besides these really cute and lifelike photos, the Technician has written the baby's gender in an envelope, to be opened on Christmas Morning. We are very excited. She couldn't tell us how big the baby is, but she suspects a "good size" as the cheeks are nice and full. There have been limited Krispy Kreme's this time around, so let's hope we don't have a repeat 10 Pounder.

- 04 December 2005

More pictures from our Disney trip. We got these photos from Grandma Fran's camera.

Halloween 2005 - 01 November 2005

Some photos from play group halloween

- 31 October 2005

Halloween arrives with photos

- 25 October 2005

Disney vacation! photos

- 24 October 2005

More photos from Liam's birthday party. photos

- 23 October 2005

Liam celebrated his birthday with his TMC playgroup friends. photos

- 22 October 2005

Bean goes apple picking... photos

- 21 October 2005

We had our 18 week Ultrasound on September 27. Everything looks fine and we are still on course for a Mar 1 due date. We did not find out what sex Peanut is. It will be a complete suprise! photos

- 25 August 2005

First picture of baby peanut at 12 weeks!! We are expecting baby peanut in early March!! Woo Hoo!!

- 13 August 2005

More birthday shots, from Edie's camera. Nice shots of the boy eating.

- 12 August 2005

Last Sunday was the big birthday blowout. We had like 30 people, lots of little kids, a singer entertained, cake was consumed... All was good

- 02 August 2005

Happy Birthday! Liam turned 1 on August 2. We had a fun day with lots of Family and Cake! His second celebration!

- 01 August 2005

The first 1st Birthday celebration for the Bean. His actual Birthday is August 2, but Andrea and the twins visited a few days earlier and celebrated the Bean's birthday a little early! The bean likes cake!

- 31 July 2005

Summer of 2005 photos of Liam and friends!

- 30 July 2005

Some random photos of Andrea and Scott's visit from the end of February and assorted other pics.

- 29 July 2005

Random spring photos of Liam. Photos from March and April, 2005.

- 28 July 2005

Long Overdue photos of Liam in his 4th, 5th and 6th month.

- 23 July 2005

We took our first real Family Vacation to the Florida Keys in May. We stayed in Islamorada for a week and Key West for 3 days. Liam was great! We had a lot of fun.

- 25 April 2005

On Sunday we met the newest Hubbard, little Dylan Michael. He is a very little guy, only 7 lbs. Very cute!

- 20 April 2005

Fresh off the camera, Pictures of Liam and friends

- 10 April 2005

photos from 7-8 Months including Easter and a trip to the park

- 01 April 2005

Here are some shots of Liam with his pals at Kindermusik.

- 23 March 2005

We recently took some photos during our trip to Maine we stayed in a nice hotel which had a pool...

- 19 March 2005

Some photos of the little bean on St. Patrick's Morning....

Liam's First Christmas - 26 December 2004

Some snaps from Liam's First Christmas

- 02 December 2004

Pictures from 15 and 16 weeks and first Thankgiving

- 15 November 2004

Liam was baptised on November 14. He did very well up at the alter. Thanks to Auntie Lara for making his baptismal gown. He looked like a little King. Photos from Carla and Fran.

- 07 November 2004

Liam is now 3 months old. He weighs around 15 pounds (WOW) and is growing like a weed. These photos are from 11 weeks to today. He was a giraffe for Halloween, though he also had a fish costume. He will be a fish next year. He is sleeping through the night now! We feel much better.

- 31 October 2004

Some photos of Liam from 7, 8, 9 and 10 weeks

- 28 October 2004

Liam and Ty hanging out

- 24 September 2004

We sent out our birth announcements. They were magnets with this content on them

- 19 September 2004

Shots of Liam at 5 and 6 weeks.

- 06 September 2004

Liam turned 1 month on September 2. He weights 11 lbs. 14 oz. and is 23 in. long. He is more alert and Grammy thinks he smiled for her yesterday. Bob went back to work. Liam and Crystal are doing well. They are happily adjusting to their seperation and getting out and about. photos here

- 24 August 2004

Just some more baby pics

- 18 August 2004

We are trying to get a good picture for the birth announcement... Trying to get that perfect photo is hard.... take a peek

- 09 August 2004

Liam is sleeping, so I have a few moments... It has been a week since we went to the hospital... a lot of adjustment... Liam's day is 3 hours long. Liam feeds for about 40 minutes, then has some fussiness (crying unless held or entertained), then he sometimes sleeps. Repeat. We have been home from the hospital for 36 Liam days or almost 5 earth days. Since we are breastfeeding, there is no way to get more than 2 hours of sleep at a pop. Alas, he seems to rarely settle down after feeding... so we are getting nightly naps... we are sometimes tired, irritable, overwhelmed... and of course, always delighted to have little Liam...

- 03 August 2004

Baby pea arrives

Baby Pea is Liam Benjamin Herrmann ( A BOY!!!)

  • Weight: 9 lbs 15.5 ounces (Thats .5 ounce shy of ten pounds)
  • Length: 22.5 inches (longest our nurse had ever seen.)
  • Start of labor: (water break, contractions): 12:30am early 8/2
  • Arrival of boy: 8:25pm on 8/2
  • Hastily assembled photos: liam1/ liam2 liam3 liam4
  • Hastily assembled video: vid1 vid2
I have to head back to the hospital! WOO HOO!!! We should be home late tomorrow (Wednesday.)

- 01 August 2004

Where oh where is baby pea? We have a non-stress test tomorrow (Monday) and a Dr's appointment on Wednesday.

Hopefully we will see some progress before then. Cross your fingers and toes that baby pea comes soon (because Momma is very uncomfortable.)

- 31 July 2004

Baby Progress - latest belly shots ! Updated to Week 40

- 25 July 2004

Week 40: Thursday, July 29, 2004 is almost here.

Your baby is about 8.0 lbs. in weight and 20 inches in length, if they haven't already delivered. After delivery and for approximately 5 minutes thereafter, Your baby will be assessed according to established criteria and given an APGAR Score. This is a standard way to measure the physical aspects of newborns.

Check out Week by week progress

- 21 July 2004

A shot of The wall hanging in the baby's room. And proof that we are ready to be parents.

- 20 July 2004

Baby Progress - latest belly shots ! Updated to Week 39

- 11 July 2004

More preparing.... The nursery is ready now. Here are some shots...

- 25 April 2004

Crib: Some assembly required. I snapped some shots while putting together baby pea's crib. Three photos at the end are from Easter.

- 23 April 2004

I wish I had seen this list a little earlier. Good to know.

- 21 March 2004

Well, we did some nesting this weekend. We spent some time getting baby pea's room together... Here are some photos

- 11 March 2004

We got some early baby pictures last week. This is Crystal's ultra/sound from Thursday March 4th. They are a bit blury, I didn't have a scanner - so I used my digital camera.

- 15 January 2004

In late January we got this clip of baby pea's heart beat. The doctor used a "Doppler" device to listen to the baby's heart beat. We think the baby's pulse is about 150 beats per minute.

- 23 November 2003

Woo hoo!! On November 23, 2003 we get the first indication that things are going to be very different around here..... some photos taken at that time.

The End