Turn of The Century Pictures

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These pictures were provided to me by Frank Russell of Rome, NY. Frank told me they are photographic copies of old postcards. Franks' father, Dr Ed Russell, the current owner of the Burdick property told me a little more about their origin. It seems he borrowed the origional unposted cards from the Yutzlers. The Yutzlers sold the property to the Burdicks in 1928. Dr. Russell told me that in the late teens and early 1920's, befor cameras came into the hands of the general population, photographers were commissioned to make photo postcards.

The Burdick property, now owned by the Russels, borders the Herrmann tree farm on the east.

1. The Burdick property

View looking south towards the Herrmann farm at left horizon

2. The Burdick saw mill on Stringer brook

Note the Herrmann barn on horizon at right edge.

3. The Burdick homestead

The building was relocated to the other side of Stringer Brook after the bridge washed out in 1939.

4. Tannery Road bridge at Stringer brook

View from clay bank looking west. Photo taken prior to the bridges demise.

5. Burdick Property

View looking north, Tannery road comes in on the right and proceeds up the center.

6. Tannery road at Stringer bridge

This picture nearly forms the right hand edge of the previous picture. Note end of Tannery bridge at right edge of picture.

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