The 1998 Harvest

1998 brought us a dry summer that continued dry and warm into December. Snow was absent until 19 December and even that was bordering on rain. These pictures have been scaled down in size for faster loading. Click on the thumbnail pictures below for an enlarged view.

Preselected trees are cut and dragged out of the tree blocks. Then rounded up with tractor and wagon.

And More Harvesting

The ever watchful dog looks on.

Cutting Complete

Heading back to the baling station.


The trees are pulled thru a funnel shaped cone and covered with a plastic mesh. The result is an easier to handle tree.

Baling Complete

The dozen trees shown easily fit on a pickup truck. If you add some stakes 2 dozen can go.

Treeworkers Lunch

Ahh, burritos roasted over an open fire.

Industrious son combines Mexican cooking with tree farming.

The Burn Barrel

Oldest son, Bob tends the fire. Notice how the smoke has cut a path over to him. I wonder how it does that?

Happy Customer

Matt Kochan would really prefer some snow for a snow ball fight. But here he rolls with the punches. Note his pant legs.

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