Initial Clearing and Planting - 1979

Clearing the field began in 1978. Light brush had developed in some areas of the field after 30 years of disuse. We stacked some 30 piles of brush probably 30 feet in diameter. Planting began in the spring of 1979.

These pictures were scanned from color prints. Some of the prints were badly faded. I've made some adjustment to bring back the original color in some shots. Those processed by Kodak retained their original color.

First Planting

Myself and sister Roberta heeling in seedlings. Daughter Andrea supervises.

Brush Piles

A piromaniacs delight. Burning brush is best done in light rain.

Clearing Brush

Chuck Teuscher helped earn his way thru college clearing brush and planting.


Chuck was the farm foreman but he took care of the little stuff too.

Pioneer Spirit

The workers try to stay in shape during winter months. Perhaps it was something in the water.

Refreshing Dip

Makes one really appreciate a good wood fire.

Mountainman Madness

Chuck and Buzz Pixley demonstrate the effects of being alone in the woods too long.


Buzz picks a tune on the old banjo. Plenty of good tunes were hammered out in the old farmhouse.

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